Automation and single-purpose machines

The world changes and automatization became the symbol of the fourth industry revolution. If you identify with the idea that the production has to be modernized and follow actual trends, you are most likely in the right place. Our company consists of small yet creative team that can offer excellent quality-price ratio. That makes us right partners also for smaller companies that are more conservative about inovations. We have our own producing capacities and various kinds of experience.

Do you need to get machine for special purpose developed and produced? Or to modernize and connect it to complex automatized assembly-line? If yes, this is the right place. The production of custom-made machine is complex, difficult and individual process. That‘s why you need reliable partner that understands the importance of individual approach and realizes the responsibility that comes with the order. Own experience and production capacities as well as many many external partners from production, science and research help us fulfill the targets of our customers.


Our experience

Presses, mills, separation tables, intelligent conveyers and feeding machine, processing of cables, mixers, mixing machines, circular saws, milling mechanisms for aluminium, cutting mechanisms, winding mechanisms….